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Kent Respiratory Care Limited

Dr Syed Arshad Husain

Respiratory Consultant Services, Kent

Respiratory Consultant Services

Special Interests

· Bronchial Asthma

. COPD / Emphysema

. Unexplained Breathlessness

Unexplained protracted Cough

· Lung cancer ·

· Pleural Eff­usion & Thoracic ultrasound

· Lung Fibrosis & Sarcoidosis

· Asbestos related disease Mesothelioma

. Bronchiectasis


· Interventional bronchoscopy

· Endobronchial ultrasound (EBUS)

Private Practise:

The Team consists of Dr Syed Arshad Husain Respiratory Consultant,

Dr Phillipa Mills Consultant Chest Radiologist, Vee Jay Ganesh Consultant Chest Radiologist, Dr David Fish Consultant Histopathologist

He is a General and Respiratory Physician with Specialist interest in Respiratory diseases. He is able to see patients in his clinic within a week of referral but for urgent cases he is able to arrange review within 2-3 days of the referral. He is able to admit and take over care of any Medical or Respiratory patients requiring inpatient treatment at the BMI Chaucer Hospital, Spires Hospital Chatham and also admitting rights at Tunbridge wells Hospital, Pembury at Wells suite

His Specialist tests he could offer includes:

Exhaled Nitric Oxide testing,

Allergy Testing,


Lung Function Tests

Pulse Oximetry and Oxygen assessments

Chest X-Rays,

CT Scan and PET scan along with

EBUS and Bronchoscopic Biopsy

The team works privately under umbrella of Respioratory Care Group