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Kings College Hospital, Dubai 

Dr Syed Arshad Husain

Senior Consultant Pulmonologist, Kings College Hospital, Dubai

Setting up new EBUS service for mediastinal lymph node biopsy, Kings College Hospital, Dubai 


Consultant Respiratory & General Physician

EBUS/Bronchoscopy Course 2014 organised by Dr Husain at Maidstone academic centre with Maidstone team

Dr Syed Arshad Husain was awarded the Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training in Respiratory Medicine in 2005 following his training in the Oxford and the South West regions with out of program training in 2004-05 experience at Royal Brompton Hospital in London in the subject of interventional bronchoscopy.

He furthered his training in this specialist subject by undertaking a Fellowship in Interventional Bronchoscopy and Medical Thoracoscopy in Lille, France in 2005 He has been a Chest Consultant at Maidstone Hospital, Kent since 2006 and the Trust Lead for Innovations, Recently set up the new Endobronchial Ultrasound Transbronchial Needle Aspiration biopsy services (EBUS-TBNA) services with Rapid onsite cytology evaluation (ROSE) for mediastinal lymph node biopsy and for staging in lung cancer patients MTW NHS Trust being the first center in Kent to develop EBUS-TBNA with ROSE for onsite results of the Lymph Node biopsy as the procedure is being performed

The funding was raised through support from a cancer charity the PEGGY WOOD FOUNDATION

Before the launch of this service the patients of mediastinal lymph node enlargements or any cancers like lung cancers were having to wait for 3-4 weeks from referral and results took up further week to arrive back for some of the patients on the cancer 2week wait pathways. Since the launch of this new services the waiting time has been reduced from 3-4 weeks in 2012 to 1 week in 2014

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